The topic for the day: Forgiveness

Then Peter came to talk to Jesus. He asked, ‘Lord, if my Christian friend does wrong things against me many times, how many times should I forgive him? Must I forgive him as many as seven times for the wrong things that he has done against me?’ Jesus replied, ‘I do not say only seven times. I say you should forgive him at least 77 times!’ Matthew 18:21‭-‬22 EASY.
Know your disciples and your friends and be careful not to mix them up. Everyone who is not born again can’t be your friend expect you are winning them to Christ and the HOLY SPIRIT asked you to win them. Be careful to avoid being forward when the HOLY GHOST hasn’t said anything.
#fruitofspirit is only in a born again person, they truly have it, they may not totally express it but they have it they just need to be taught about who they are. But an unbeliever doesn’t have the HOLY SPIRIT, so just saying if you open yourself to that hurt it is you oo.
Please have Christian friendly and Godly friends.
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